It’s the Year of the Mango! Well, not really, but it sure feels like it. Mango here, mango there, mango everywhere—including in our favorite Bud Light ® Chelada! We’re excited to introduce our new Chelada Mango, a refreshing and rich twist on our Original Chelada.


Coincidentally enough, #NationalMangoDay is a little more than a month away on July 22, 2019. Yes, an entire day dedicated to celebrate the wonder that is a juicy, ripe and golden mango! Whether it’s a paleta de mango with a dash of Tajín chili powder; diced mango with chamoy; a mangonada; or a Bud Light® Chelada Mango poured over ice, #NationalMangoDay is all about appreciating and eating this gift from the Tropical heavens.


Did you know that mango is related to cashews and pistachios and it can provide your full daily intake of Vitamin C? Did you know that more than 20 million tons of mangoes around the world with India harvesting at least half of the world’s supply? Yeah, neither did we, but here’s our source.


We will tell you, however, what we do know about mangos: they add a magnificent twist to your micheladas! One sip of our Bud Light® Chelada Mango will make any man-go nuts! No, we will not retract that corny statement, so deal with it and give our Chelada Mango a try so you can get on our level!


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