It’s fall, y’all! Well, actually, it’s been fall since the day after Labor Day, at least unofficially. As the trees begin to lose their leaves and the weather starts to cool down, it’s easier to see and appreciate the beauty and color in everyone and everything around us. Life is worth celebrating every day, especially when you do so with a premium, golden pilsner like traditional Mexican import, Estrella Jalisco.


At the heart of Estrella Jalisco beats the spirit of art and culture. It exists to enrich your life with color, creativity and appreciation for living in the moment. Estrella Jalisco embraces Día de los Muertos as a celebration of life and the lives of our loved ones who have passed.


Celebrated since pre-colonial Mexico, the tradition behind Día de los Muertos is to honor our deceased loved ones by building them a vibrant altar with ofrendas—or offerings—that include their favorite foods, flowers, religious figures, candles and any other items that have sentimental value to them. The most recognizable symbol of this holiday is La Catrina, the ancient Aztec goddess of the underworld and Lady of the Dead, who, myth has it, would collect the bones of the dead and assist those who are ready to cross over to the spirit world.


The traditional ofrendas include Pan de Muertos, which is typically kneaded into a round loaf with the shape of human bones on top, baked and topped with pure cane sugar; cempasuchil, or Mexican Marigolds; salt to help quench the thirst of the dead; and the four elements of wind, water, earth and fire, which come in many forms, such as incense for wind, cups of fresh spring water, clay figurines, foods and flowers for earth, and candlelight for fire.


Tradition and authenticity are two keywords behind Día de los Muertos and Estrella Jalisco, the only beer sold in the United States that is brewed and bottled within Jalisco, Guadalajara, the birthplace of many of our favorite Mexican foods, Mariachi music, tequila, mezcal and so many other imports close to our heart.


This year, Estrella Jalisco is especially excited to announce a big Día de Los Muertos celebration—but you’ll need to stay tuned because we’re not spillin’ the frijoles just yet! Make sure you’re following us on our social media pages so you stay up to date.



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