Nothing pairs better with a feast of tamales, buñuelos, pozole and rosca de reyes than an authentic and traditional Mexican beer like Grupo Modelo’s Estrella Jalisco! This is the season to lift your spirits and spread holiday joy to your friends and family members.


For many people across the United States, the holiday season usually consists of three key dates for celebration: Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. However, in many other parts of the world days of celebration can span over 40 days with daily or weekly activities.


Between December 12th and January 6th, many Latin American countries—particularly Mexico—celebrate the Fiestas Guadalupe-Reyes. Leading up to December 12th, the people of Mexico prepare to ring in the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Altars and statues devoted to Virgin Mary are adorned with red roses, candles and other offerings to honor her.


Posadas—holiday processions—are held daily during the nine days between the Day of Guadalupe and Noche Buena, or, Christmas Eve. During the first eight days of the Posadas, children carrying candles and figurines of Mary and Joseph lead their neighbors, family and friends around town singing traditional Catholic holiday songs, representing the pilgrimage that Mary and Joseph took from their hometown of Nazareth to Bethlehem in preparation for the birth of Jesus. Each night, a Posada host will welcome the procession into their homes and everyone feasts on traditional Mexican holiday foods. On the ninth day—Christmas Eve—the children carry a figurine of Baby Jesus to their town Church where they place him on the nativity scene right on time for midnight mass. The birth of Jesus is rung in with a firework display in the center of town.


The days after Christmas Day are spent preparing for New Year’s Eve and January 6th, el día de los reyes magos, i.e., the feast of the Three Kings or Three Wise Men who traveled to Bethlehem following the Star of Bethlehem to visit Baby Jesus and pay him tribute. On this day, families prepare a feast and a rosca de reyes—a large doughnut-like pastry in which a small figurine of Baby Jesus is baked into. The tradition goes that whoever finds the figurine in their slice of rosca will be required to host a follow-up feast at their home.


And that sums up the Guadalupe-Reyes festivities! Although, a missing piece of information we didn’t include above is that a cold, smooth and traditional beer always elevates the experience of each celebration. Let’s face it: champurrado or Abuelita hot chocolate are good and everything, but nothing beats a cold Estrella Jalisco pilsner paired with your tamales, rice and charro beans.


As the only Mexican beer brewed in the birthplace of many Mexican traditions, Guadalajara, Jalisco, Estrella Jalisco is a staple for your holiday feast. Visit their website to learn more and be sure to follow family-owned and operated L&F Distributors, LLC on Twitter here to keep up with beer news and other content. Felices fiestas!