Can we take a moment and remember all the great memories we made during this past decade? It’s finally the new year and the #RoaringTwenties 2.0—a promising new era with endless possibilities! And who better to start building memories than with #TeamULTRA?


Michelob ULTRA believes in your strength and commitment to live a healthier, more balanced life; one where you can live fit, live fun and not pass on a slice of delicious pizza. So, what is your New Year’s Resolution?


For many of us, incorporating a healthier lifestyle that includes diet and exercise is on top of our New Year’s Resolutions list. There’s no shame in falling for the holiday temptation of indulging on a couple of tamales or a plump, juicy turkey with a side of gravy mashed potatoes—but it’s never too late to get back on track with your ULTRA lifestyle!


This year, we want you to join #TeamULTRA and motivate your family, your friends and yourself to keep working toward your health goals and New Year’s Resolution, at least till February is over! Follow your local L&F Distributors social media pages for #TeamULTRA motivation videos and to find out how you can join the McAllen and El Paso #TeamULTRA during the Boston qualifier marathons sponsored by Michelob ULTRA!