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Updated: May 6, 2019

Put your sombrero and maracas down and listen up! There are only two icons in the beer and spirits industry that represent true Mexican tradition and authenticity: Cerveza Estrella Jalisco and El Afan Tequila—and only your pals at L&F Distributors have the exclusive on how to celebrate your summer al estilo Jalisco—i.e., #JaliscoStyle.

They say it’s the simple things in life that make you happy, but for complete bliss, you need a smooth, golden Mexican pilsner and a premium tequila from the birthplace of mariachi, mezcal and mythical fields of agave. Or, so, that’s how we think the saying goes, but where is the lie?

How exactly do you celebrate Jalisco Style? It’s simple and straightforward, actually. Get your hands on an ice-cold Estrella Jalisco and dress it with Tajín chili powder; then add a splash of our 100% blue agave El Afan Tequila and some lime juice; kick back and enjoy! There’s nothing else to it if you want to keep it Jalisco Style.

Both, Estrella Jalisco and El Afan Tequila, are crafted within the Guadalajara metropolitan area of Jalisco, the Mexican state that is world-renowned as the birthplace of the best blue agave; mariachi, ranchero and bolero music; and international icons like Vicente Fernández, Gael García Bernal, Guillermo del Toro and many of our favorite Mexican soccer players.

Estrella Jalisco is a smooth, golden Mexican pilsner and the only Mexican import beer that doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste on the palate. Adding a dash of Tajín chili powder, a splash of El Afan Tequila and some freshly squeezed lime juice will kick it up a notch and put you on that Jalisco state of mind that will elevate your summer fun. El Afan is a small-batch and hand-harvested craft wonder distilled in El Salto, Jalisco and headquartered in El Paso, Texas—not only do you get a premium quality tequila experience, but you’re helping #SupportLocal small business every time you pick up a Blanco, Reposado or Añejo bottle.

You can learn more about our premium brands at www.estrellajalisco.com and elafantequila.com. Have a great summer and let us know what you think of #JaliscoStyle in the comments below or on our Twitter page @lnfdistributors. Also be sure to visit our website for the latest content and to check out our beverage portfolio: www.lnfdistributors.com.